About Us

The Thermal Cluster of Croatia was founded in mid-2015 and brings together 12 members:

  • City of Varaždinske Toplice
  • Health resort Istarske Toplice
  • Health resort Topusko
  • Special hospital for medical rehabilitation Daruvarske toplice
  • Special hospital for medical rehabilitation Krapinske Toplice
  • Special hospital for medical rehabilitation Lipik
  • Special hospital for medical rehabilitation Naftalan
  • Special hospital for medical rehabilitation Stubičke Toplice
  • Special hospital for medical rehabilitation Varaždinske Toplice
  • Terme Sveti Martin
  • Top- Terme d.o.o.
  • Terme Tuhelj d.o.o.


Activities / field of action:

  • Reasing awareness about the quality of life in a healthy environment (soil, air, water, noise, food, waste);
  • Organized access to new markets significant for the bussiness of Cluster members;
  • Positioning and branding of the Cluster members on the international market with unified marketing and PR efforts;
  • Organizing and participating in volunteering programs in accordance with the objectives of the Cluster;
  • Cooperation with similar organizations and institutions that support the goals of the Cluster;
  • Encouraging professional development of Cluster members and other people of importance for the operation of the Cluster;
  • Optimization of business procedures of the cluster members through the process of a unified procurement, joint research and development;
  • Providing acreditation / certification of service providers in healt tourism and standardization of operation of the Cluster members
  • Other activities for realization of objectives of the Cluster.




  • Promotion, development and improvement of service delivery in health tourism for foreign and domestic customer service;
  • The improvement and strenghtening of Cluster member positions in the international health and tourism market;
  • Preparation and creation of health tourism service packages which allow the customer a unified service in the Republic of Croatia;
  • Education of the members of the association
  • Connecting and colaborating with other participants in order to improve management of the Cluster
  • Development of projects for third party financing;
  • Starting of iniciatives for the adoptation of laws and regulations governing relations in health tourism