City of Varaždinske Toplice

The spa of Varaždinske Toplice is at the outskirts of the Hrvatsko Zagorje area with gypsum terraces of the Toplička Mountain along the small Bednja River. Together with its satellite villages, the town’s population is 6,973. Its natural gift is a sustaining well of thermal water. It has always had a great effect on the continuous life and treatment of people throughout all cultural epochs. The water temperature is 58 degrees Celsius at the well with a daily capacity of over 2 million litres.

People have lived and been cured here since prehistoric times. Fossils of a cave man nearly 100,000 years old have been found in Gradišće Cave. The earliest known settlers in this area, according to Roman sources, were the Illyrian tribe of Iasse in the 3rd century B.C. Consequently, the Romans called the place Aqua Iassae. In the Old Roman times our Toplice Spa was an important health treating, religous, cultural and economic centre of North-West Croatia. The Goths had plundered the spa at the end of 3rd century A.D. just to be reconstructed by the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great at the beginning of 4th century. He ordered its continuous reconstruction and the spa flourished with the soldiers of the Roman legions being cured there, according to historical sources.

In the Middle Ages, Toplice was a church estate bearing the Latinized Croatian name Toplissa for more than eight hundred years. The modern history of Toplice began with the coming of a Luxemburg physician Ivan Krstitelj (John the Baptist) Lalangue as the first permanent spa doctor. This placed Toplice among respectable Mid-European spa towns, which it has remained to the present day.

The entire place is an archaeological site with excavations still going on today. Valuable archaeological monuments such as the statue of the goddess Minerva Medice and an ancient relief with nymphs from 2nd century A.D. have been discovered. Varaždinske Toplice has become an important destination for present-day tourist who need treatment, want recreation and enjoy in traditional and healthy meals.

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