Ivanić-Grad’s Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation Naftalan provides treatment for skin diseases (psoriasis and neurodermatitis), inflammatory rheumatic diseases (rheumatic and psoriatic arthritis) and joints and spine diseases. Top experts employed at the Hospital, healing effects of the naftalan oil and numerous therapies and medical programs ensure the confidence of numerous visitors from Croatia and abroad.

Today, Naftalan has 137 beds at its disposal, 26 of which provide high standard accomodation. Thanks to comfortable accommodation and beneficial effects of naftalan mineral oil, Special Hospital is renowned in Europe and attracts visitors from Russia, Denmark and numerous other countries.

Ivalan terme is a subsidiary of the Special Hospital. It is engaged in development, production and sale of naftalanic products. As of now it offers two basic products – naftalanic cream and naftalanic oil. It also sells two natural products – naftalanic soap and naftalanic crude shampoo. More products are being developed, with the aim of creating a wholesale cosmetic line for problematic and diseased skin. Its products are already being exported to all the Scandinavian countries and a significant market expansion is being negotiated.

More on naftalan mineral oil:

Naftalan, a type of mineral oil, is included among natural remedies. Natural remedies are being used since time immemorial to preserve health and prevent diseases, and to treat ills and injuries as well. These days the word “oil” reminds us of energy, of the fuel in the tanks of our cars – and is not so easily accepted as a remedy. Because of that it is necessary to stress that oil was firstly used as a cure, and much later as a fuel.

So far, naftalan oil was found in only two places on Earth: one in Azerbaijan, and the other here in Ivanić-Grad. It was created by deposition of biological, organic material and is being used for over 600 years.

Famous world traveller Marco Polo provided one of the first accounts on the healing effects of naftalan. On his travel to China he came upon naftalan wells, and described them in his travelogue, “Libre des merveilles du monde”, also known as “Million”. He described big wells filled with oil, which was not edible, but was being used to treat skin diseases and pain in limbs.

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