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The thermal spa in Topusko became well known across the European continent thanks to professor Michael Kunnits, who first described the spa in 1826 in a letter to Francis I, the Austrian emperor. His book “A Historical and Topographical Description of the Mineral Baths in Topusko” was published a year later. Topusko became a popular destination among the European elite in the next 100 years. Nobles, military commanders, bishops and other rich guests from France, Italy, Great Britain and Germany would come to enjoy the fresh air and curative waters.
This is not surprising. After all, the thermal waters in Topusko are ranked third in terms of quality in all of Europe. The temperature of the water emerging from the springs is 68°C and it helps significantly with all rheumatic and neurological diseases, paralysis, strokes, osteoporosis, sciatica, pre- and post-operative treatment, women’s diseases, sterility, broken bones, etc.
Welcome to Topusko!

The nobles visiting Topusko did not just come for therapeutic reasons. Likewise, our visit to Topusko can be for other reasons. It’s time to have some fun! Other than the social events in the Spa Hotel, visitors can partake in all sorts of activities, including bowling, table tennis, exploring the local historical, cultural and natural sights (the gothic church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the rock with the names of famous historical people carved into it, Ribnjak Lake, Nikola’s Hill…), picking chestnuts and mushrooms in the autumn, mini-golf, fitness and fishing. For the young and the young at heart, as well as those who feel the thermal waters have already had a rejuvenating effect on them, Topusko also offers tennis, volleyball, paintball and rafting on the Mrežnica, Korana and Una, as well as 5 marked bike routes (from 6 to 22 km).

We wish to welcome you to Topusko.

Looking for more activities? You can take part in one of the organised excursions to the Plitvice National Park, the Lonjsko Polje Nature Park, Zagreb and the wine cellars of Moslavina.
Following an active day, you will want to relax in our thermal water swimming pools, visit the sauna or enjoy a massage. After a little relaxation, the delicious food from our restaurants, whether it is the hotel or the à la carte restaurant, will taste even better. As well as the restaurants, our two cocktail bars will provide a place for you to enjoy the company of other guests.
We could go on talking about the natural beauty of the landscape, the hospitality of the people, the delicious local cuisine or the remarkable historical sights, but you’ll only believe us when you have seen it for yourselves.

Toplica Hotel offers 220 beds in double and single rooms.
Every room comes with a shower, toilet, telephone and satellite TV.

Finally – vacation time…

Both the hotel restaurant and the à la carte restaurant offer all sorts of local and national Croatian specialties. The à la carte is known for homemade food, Cistercian cuisine from the 13th century and cuisine from the time of ban Jelačić (19th century), as well as dishes based on honey.

Gastronomic delight in the heart of nature

With its rich offer of sports and recreation-related activities, Topusko is ideal for sports clubs, recreational groups and individual athletes and enthusiasts. A combined indoor/outdoor swimming pool, a multifunctional sports centre, a fitness gym, a smaller sports hall and a four-lane automatic bowling alley are all available within the resort complex. By the outdoor pools, one can find tennis, table tennis and volleyball courts, as well as a mini-golf course. Cyclists have 5 marked bike routes at their disposal.
After working out, athletes can relax in the sauna or jacuzzi and enjoy a massage.

An extensive range of sports-related activities

Topusko is registered with the Croatian Health Insurance Fund (HZZO) and can provide visitors with therapeutic and rehabilitation services.
Conditions and injuries of the locomotor, nerve and muscle systems are all treated at Topusko. The natural basis for the therapy and rehabilitation programmes is the hyperthermic water (68°C – 72°C)

Indications: inflammatory diseases of the locomotor system in the remission phase (RA, spondylitis, ankylosans, Reiter’s syndrome, etc.)
• degenerative diseases of the locomotor system (arthrosis of the hips, knees, etc.)
• non-articular rheumatism (periarthritis, tendinitis, tendovaginitis, etc.)
• metabolic diseases of the locomotor system (gout)
• rehabilitation after traumatic injuries to the locomotor system
• rehabilitation after surgery performed on parts of the locomotor system
• rehabilitation for patients suffering vertebral and vertebrogenic spine syndromes (cervical, lumbal, thoracic, lumbosacral, cervicobrachial, etc.)
• rehabilitation for patients with neurological conditions
• rehabilitation for patients suffering from peripheral motor neuron lesions
• rehabilitation for patients suffering from hip luxation, torticollis, etc.
• rehabilitation after sports-related injuries
Other than the thermal waters, physical therapy and recreation are also used for treating:
• balneotherapy
• hydrokinetic therapy (individual and group therapy)
• electrotherapy (galvanization, electric stimulation, both two and four cell galvanic baths, DOS, IFS, TES, Kotz currents)
• laser therapy
• lymphatic drainage
• thermal therapy (paraffin, shortwave diathermy, IR and UV therapy)
• ultrasound massage
• hydromassage
• manual massage
• sauna
• magnet therapy
• cryomassage and cryotherapy

TOP-TERME Reception: Sports and recreation:
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